Grow your community with a Greenhouse project.


From church cafes to community centres, there is a space for Greenhouse to work with your team and help it flourish.

As a Community Interest Company, by law Greenhouse has to make a positive impact on the communities it serves. Across Glasgow and the surrounding areas, we’re working in partnership with local and national businesses, charities and public bodies to create opportunities.

At our Eastwood Health & Care Centre site, we began our first such endeavor. Approached by a member of the community, we were asked to set up a coffee get-together for the older population of the area.

The now popular “Cuppa and Blether” group meets every Tuesday and Friday at 11am. The group is entirely participant-led which ensures it meets the needs of the people it serves.

Self-sustaining and self-funded projects are the keys to our success, and so every community project we undertake has to be, in the end, run by the community.


A guid al’ blether: Members of the cuppa and blether group chatting over coffee and cake at one of their regular meetings.