We’re the first company to offer an SQA accredited coffee course.


In 2017 we began working with a single school to deliver a coffee course for fifth and sixth years. Fast forward two years and we’re now offering an SQA Level 5 award that tests the breadth and depth of barista skills needed to work in the hospitality industry.

Working with qualified teachers and specialists, learners master a range of techniques including milk steaming and espresso extraction. They also learn the theory behind the machine - from coffee production and roasting to the science behind coffee’s large variety of flavour profiles.

During the course learners are given the opportunity to work at one of our Greenhouse Cafes, and the majority of the course is practical and hands-on.

With our inclusive emphasis the course can be adapted and tailored for those with ASN and our assessment style has been designed to be as positive as possible. This is a course designed to nurture confidence and inspire learners into positive future pathways.

If your school or centre would like a Greenhouse SQA course, get in touch with us using the link.