Success Stories

1. Meet Ian, our first supported employee.

Ian was with us on the very first day of Greenhouse CIC. He joined with our original cohort of trainees back in August 2016. Early in 2017 Ian was hired as a part time, permanent employee. This hire marked the start of a long-term project of taking on trainees in supported employment once their training concluded.

Ian works across two sites three days a week. His main tasks are to keep the cafe clean and tidy, restock shelves, and prepare and deliver catering to the building.

“I like working. Before I didn’t have a job, and now I have one”


2. Phoebe* - our barista extraordinaire.


Phoebe* joined us in 2017. Phoebe has Down’s Syndrome, and when she first came to Greenhouse she struggled to engage with the team and was reluctant to speak to customers.

After several weeks of coaching and confidence-building, Phoebe began to walk with her head up, and from this first breakthrough, accelerated her pace of improvement.

From being one of our most withdrawn trainees on the program, Phoebe blossomed into a confident young woman.

After showing early interest in the coffee machine, Phoebe worked hard with our job coaches to become an incredibly gifted barista. She now mentors in our school program, passing on her skills with confidence to others.

Phoebe is one of our shining stars, and we’re proud that she has stayed with Greenhouse in a voluntary capacity since her training formally concluded.

*Name changed